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First in US History

This Biden Nominee Would Be First Muslim on Federal Appellate Court

Adeel A. Mangi, a Harvard- and Oxford-trained lawyer, has made history becoming the first Muslim to be nominated to a US federal appellate court.

The nomination to the US Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, based in Philadelphia was announced Wednesday by President Joe Biden, The Washington Post reported.

It comes two years after Biden nominated the first Muslim to a federal district court, Zahid N. Quraishi, who was confirmed by the Senate for a judgeship in New Jersey.

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The White House said the nominations help fulfill Biden’s pledge to “ensure that the nation’s courts reflect the diversity that is one of our greatest assets as a country — both in terms of personal and professional backgrounds.”

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Mangi graduated from the University of Oxford with a bachelor’s degree in law in 1998, and from Harvard Law School in 2000, according to his biography at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP, the law firm he joined in 2000 and where he is now a partner.

Mangi is a prominent lawyer known for his work in civil rights and commercial litigation.

He wrote a number of amicus briefs in recent years that sought to block key initiatives of the previous administration, including a Muslim travel ban, diverting federal funds to a build a wall on the southern border, and an attempt to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The nomination comes amidst increasing tensions as growing number of swing-state Muslim American and Arab American leaders are warning Biden that he is losing support from their communities due his handling of the war in Gaza.