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Seerah Exhibition to Educate Ontarians on Prophet’s Life

  • A Seerah exhibition is coming to Mississauga, Ontario, to educate people about the life of Prophet Muhammad
  • The exhibition will feature up to 16 holy artifacts of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Companions.

Educating people about the life of Prophet Muhammad, an Ontario Muslim group will host a Seerah exhibition later this month in Mississauga as the world marks the Mawlid of the Prophet (PBUH).

Organized by Dunia Melayu Canada Community (DMCC), the Prophet Muhammad’s Legacy: An International Exhibit of Sacred Artifacts exhibition will be held from Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 1, at the International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario.

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The artifact-driven exhibition will feature up to 16 holy artifacts of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Companions.

“The exhibition will transport visitors to the era and culture where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) originated and lived,” the DMCC website read.

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“Visitors will enjoy a very close proximity with the well-preserved holy artifacts and learn about the Prophet’s legacy and his journey in promoting Islam through the audio and visual description of the artifacts and hidden stories and histories that surround the holy artifacts.”

Among the 16 featured exhibits, nine stand out as particularly significant, offering a profound insight into the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Prophet Legacy

There are many great characters in history, but none of their legacies impacted the world nor shaped the politics and lives of nations to the extent that the life and legacy of Prophet Muhammad.

Indeed he (PBUH) was the most influential man in history, as agreed by many historians and writers, including Michael H. Hart, the American author, who ranked Muhammad (PBUH) as number 1 in his book, “The 100 Most Influential Persons in History”.

In this beautiful verse of the Qur’an, Allah (swt) summarizes the legacy of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad,

O Prophet! Lo! We have sent thee as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner and a summoner unto God by His permission and as a lamp that gives light (sirāaj munīran).” [33:45-46]

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