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Ramadan Blessings: Volunteers Pack Food Boxes for Detroit Vulnerable

Generosity and charity are generally part of the main features of the Islamic Shari’ah. However, ithe month of Ramadan is a special occasion for this important act of worship and humanity.

Working to help Detroit vulnerable mark a blessed Ramadan, volunteers from Islamic Relief USA and Islamic Center of Detroit have come together to pack more than 1000 boxes of food on Sunday, Detroit News reported.

The boxes include rice, flour, pasta, sugar and over a dozen other nonperishable goods for families in the community who will fast during Ramadan.

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“There’s families that work but they make enough money to either pay rent or pay groceries but not enough to do both, so were assigning this to low-income families and refugee families, so when they break their fast they have something to break their fast with,” said Wsmah Siddiqui, the organization’s volunteer coordinator.

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Gathering at the Detroit center, about 80 volunteers assembled boxes, added food items, loaded boxes onto pallets and did other jobs to reach their goal of 1,000 boxes.

Every time the volunteers finished a pallet, which holds 28 boxes, they clapped and cheered. The boxes will be distributed Sunday through the first week of Ramadan.


Abdul-Kader Azrak, 19, donated to Islamic Relief before. He received a message inviting him to volunteer.

“They were saying it was for Ramadan packaging and I was like, ‘Why not? I am free. I’ll come and help,” said Azrak, whose family is from Syria.

Layla Zedan of Canton Township also volunteered for the first time with her three children.

“This is our first time here. My dad used to come to this mosque about 20 years ago. We’re super excited to be here. The kids are having so much fun,” said Zedan, 41.

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. The blessed month of Ramadan, a time of reflection, will start on Thursday, March 23, according to the astronomical calculations.