People Build Wall of Compassion At Boston Mosque

BOSTON – Showing solidarity with the Muslim community, about 200 people gathered at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, building a “Human Wall of Compassion” against recent anti-Muslim attacks.

The event, held on Saturday, February 11, was organized in reaction to the recent fatal attack at a Quebec mosque, the destruction of a mosque in Texas, and President Trump’s travel ban on residents of seven Muslim-majority nations, Boston Globe reported on Saturday.

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Michael Lowenthal said he organized the event with Rachel Kadish and Rabbi Sue Fendrick; all three are decedents of Jewish Holocaust refugees and survivors.

The demonstrators, welcomed by Muslims at the Islamic center, said they wanted to show commitment to ensuring the community has a safe space to worship.

Lowenthal said that after the attack on a mosque in Quebec that killed six and left at least eight wounded, event organizers talked about what they could do to offer support to the local Muslim community.

They recalled how a “ring of peace” was formed around a Norwegian synagogue after it was attacked in February 2015, and decided to undertake a similar demonstration, he said.