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Ottawa and Mississauga Imams Play Soccer, Fundraise for People with Disabilities

Ottawa and Mississauga area imams are coming together later this month to play soccer and fundraise for youth with disabilities, Muslim Link reported.

The game is planned on November 30th in Mississauga, Ontario. The imams’ goal is to fundraise $25,000 for the Ottawa Chapter of Deen Support Services.

Sharing the vision that children and youth with and without disabilities all have the right to play, Deen Support Services and Muslim Youth Soccer League (MYSL) have joined together to develop AccessKix.

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AccessKix is a community-based soccer program that includes modified training sessions and games for children and youth with disabilities.

The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to everyone in the community, who has a developmental or physical disability.

Ottawa and Mississauga Imams Play Soccer, Fundraise for People with Disabilities - About Islam

This is coming in line with a trend of Imams, civic and faith leaders across the world playing games for different remarkable projects.

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Earlier this year in Australia, Dunedin police officers and Otago Muslim Association met for a football game to share the spirit of `Eid Al-Adha festivities with the Muslim community.

In November 2018, Australian imams hosted a football tournament with officers from Queensland Police Service (QPS) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Bosnian Islamic Center in Brisbane.

In September 2018, a team of Muslim imams won Germany’s annual cup in a football competition organized among religious leaders, as part of efforts of strengthening unity among the religious communities.