Ohio Muslim Students Feed the Homeless

OHIO – Muslim students at Ohio State University gathered on Sunday, October 29, to prepare and distribute 3000 meals for the homeless.

“As a devout Muslim, it is our responsibility to help those around us,” Karum Abdulrahman, a senior neuroscience major, told LimaOhio.com.

Abdulrahman is a member of Ohio State’s Muslim Student Association which organized Sunday’s event.

It came as part of the nationwide Feed The Hungry campaign by the nonprofit charity Pious Projects of America.

Helping those who are hungry, he said, is very much in line with the fundamental commitment of Islam to help the needy.

Each week, the student association provides about 100 meals to local charities, but this was the first time members participated in the national event.

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On Sunday, the volunteers, estimated by 130, included college students and local high-school and middle-school kids.

“This makes me feel good, like a better person. I’m helping out with others,” said 20-year-old Mariam Husein, an Ohio State University math education major and Columbus native.

“My religion, Islam, is always preaching to help others and help people in need.”

Amber Hussain, a senior neuroscience major from Cleveland, also stressed the importance of her faith.

“I think that because of our faith that requires charity, we are able to pull together such a large, diverse crowd and make 3,000 meals. We even have high-schoolers here and they are so encouraged and motivated. It’s a healthy competition here,” Hussain said.

Baseer Faiz, a senior political science major from Columbus, helped coordinate the event, purchasing food and soliciting volunteers in less than three weeks.

“It’s been a good experience,” he said, “and shows that even (if you can’t donate) money to help people suffering, there is a skill set you can provide, something you can do.”