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Ohio Mosque Allows Public Adhan for First Time

A central Ohio mosque has made history after broadcasting adhan, or Muslim call to prayer, for the first time to show support to the community.

Following the suit of other mosques across the US, Al-Rahma Mosque on Albert Avenue aired adhan publicly for the first time on Saturday, July 18. 

Mohamed Abdi, who handles community relations for the mosque, said the call to prayer comes at an “essential time” for the religious minority.

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“It is taking time at a place we need to come together and not lose hope,” he told The Columbus Dispatch.

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The adhan is the call to announce that it is time for a particular obligatory Salah (ritual prayer).

In April, mosques in Minneapolis allowed adhan for the first time to support the Muslim community during Ramadan.

The move encouraged Ismail Mohamed, an attorney, to push for approval in central Ohio. 

“We were getting calls and requests from residents who were not able to pray,” Mohamed said. “Would (we) be able to do a public call so people outside the mosque could pray?”

Positive Impact

Mahir Ali, a board member for the Somali Youth Foundation, believes the decision would have a positive impact on Muslims.

“This will help them feel more connected to their community and the mosque,” he said.

Hodan Mohammed, founder of Our Helpers, echoed a similar opinion.

“We all are having a difficult time with COVID-19 where people are a little stressed,” she said. “In all faith, doing prayer calls, praying to God will help us all and might calm us down.”

Ohio and Minneapolis are not the only American cities to allow the adhan.

In February, Muslims in Paterson, New Jersey, were allowed to recite the Adhan publicly thanks to a new ordinance.