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NY Mosque Gives Free Toys to Students of All Faiths

A New York school teacher has cooperated with a local mosque to give all kids the experience of Muslims’ `Eid, giving free toys to students of all faiths.

As students returned to classrooms after COVID cases decreased, Ruhee Apadia, a third-grade teacher at P.S. 115 Daniel Mucatel School, organized the event through Masjid Hamza, a mosque and community center on Long Island, Canarsie Courier reported.

The students’ happiness to see teachers and classmates maximized with free toys they received at an `Eid celebration held at the school on Thursday, May 27th.

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“We never had something like this in our school. It benefits us and the community,” Principal Jonathan Lee said as he thanked Sarfraz Ahmed, the mosque’s president, and Youth Leader Shaheer Ahsan for their generosity.

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“This is all about generosity and giving back to the community. This event brings some sense of normalcy during the pandemic. Thank you for all your hard work.”

The masjid usually holds free toys events in parks and outdoor events, but this is the first time for having a school.

“We came all the way from Long Island because we want to give back to the community, much like you give gifts at Christmas. Charity is all about giving,” said Ahmed, who was a NYC student.

Earlier this year, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) cooperated with the Muslim community across New York City to give out over 2,000 toys in May 2021.