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Charity Week Event

New Mexico Muslim Students Raise Funds to Support Gaza

Muslim students at the University of New Mexico came together last week to celebrate the annual Charity Week and show support for people in Gaza.

The celebration of culture, organized on October 29 by the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Dunya Association, focused on education, relief aid for Syria, and aid for children in Gaza.

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“All of the money is going to the children of the Middle East, but mostly for the Gazan’s that have been struggling,” Sheymah Thabata said –- a community volunteer and UNM alumni, New Mexico Daily Lobo reported.

Mutazz Jaber, Vice President of MSA and co-founder of Dunya, said the event aims to set goals for the upcoming year, on the top of which is uniting community.

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“People are able to showcase where they’re from – showcase their culture. A lot of people feel underrepresented, and we felt that it was important to have an outlet for them (to share),” Mutazz Jaber said.

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The Cultural Night was the biggest event of the week, when attendants showcased traditional food, jewelry and dress from their respective cultures.

The event highlighted several traditional dishes from attendees, including Iraqi Shariya, Pakistani Chicken Biryani and Syrian Falafel.

“The mission for MSA is unifying Muslims on campus, whether that be a graduate student on north campus or an undergraduate just starting their years as a Lobo,” Jaber said.

Charity Week is organized by Islamic Relief, an international humanitarian organization. It provides aid, food security, and orphan support to people after natural disasters.

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