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#MyPrayerRug: US Muslims Defend Identity Against Hate

CHICAGO – A new tweet by US President claiming that some prayer rugs were found on Mexico borders has been blasted as both Islamophobic and racist.

This has led to a flood of condemnation from American Muslims who have launched “my prayer rug” campaign in defense of their identity.

“Would you ever say this about Rosary Beads? No, for you “a prayer rug” is like a smoking gun or a bag of cocaine, it means “Muslim” and Muslim means “criminal.” #myPrayerRug .. asking everyone to share theirs,” Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), wrote on Twitter, launching the hashtag campaign.

It all started with a tweet from Trump saying, “Border rancher: “We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal.” Washington Examiner People coming across the Southern Border from many countries, some of which would be a big surprise.”

Replying to him, American Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah wrote, “Trump got us! We Muslims leave our prayer rugs around to claim the land. We call it our Victory Prayer Rugs! Now what will we do? Or could it be the Border rancher confused a prayer rug with a small blanket? Who cares about facts though when Trump is trying to fearmonger.”

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People on social media considered Trump’s tweet a “racist” attack on the migrants and Muslims alike.

American actress Mia Farrow, and Citizens for Ethics research director Robert Maguire have also rejected Trump’s rhetoric.

Others were sarcastic.

Muslims pray five times a day, with each prayer made of a series of postures and movements, each set of which is called a rak‘ah.

The five prayer times are divided all through the day which starts with Fajr prayer at dawn.