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Muslims Rescue Jewish Woman After Car Breaks Down

SAN FRANCISCO – When Susan Frankel’s car broke down on her way to San Francisco, the Jewish woman did not expect help to come from young Muslim men who rushed to her aid without questioning their differences.

The vast majority of Muslims are good people…Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have far more in common than differences,” Frankel, an 8th grade teacher from San Francisco, told Ilmfeed.

“We need to question and think critically about the images and rhetoric with which the media bombards us.”

Frankel was on her way to the city to meet a friend when her car broke down.

As she was waiting for recovery to arrive, a young man knocked on her window and said, “Do you need some help?”

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“A few minutes later, he came running back down the street with a small gas can in his hand. I rolled the window down about half way. He walked around my car, onto the side where angry commuters were rushing around us, and poured a gallon of gas into my car,” she wrote on Facebook.

As the gas wasn’t enough, he set off again to the gas station.

“After ten minutes or so, he came running back. He put another gallon of gas in my car and asked if I’d take him back to the gas station. Turns out he and his friend had driven by me, seen me stopped, and his friend was waiting at the gas station while he helped me, a stranger,” she added.

The double journey to the gas station seemed useless, after it turned out that the problem was with the car’s battery.

“At that point, he called his friend at the gas station who headed down the street to help us. Another guy who lived nearby came over to help, too. These three men in their 20s pushed my car uphill all the way to the gas station, and it was no easy task. They were really working, switching from face forward pushing to backwards, using their legs for leverage, and back again. All the way to the gas station,” Susan wrote.

“At the gas station, still panting, the first guy who stopped to help went looking for jumper cables”

When offering the two men $40 dollars to buy themselves dinner, they refused and said: “No, we’re Muslim, and it’s our duty to help.”

Susan said she was genuinely surprised by the actions of the young men.

“I was genuinely surprised by the generosity of these young men every step of the way. It was so kind and unexpected. Then to hear their reason why — it was really, really beautiful. I wanted to share it,” she told Ilmfeed.