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Muslims Raise Funds to Build First Mosque in Annapolis Valley

The Muslim community in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, are rallying efforts to raise funds for the city’s first mosque amid hopes to serve the growing Muslim community and attract more immigrants to Annapolis Valley.

“We are pleased to announce that we have an accepted offer to build the first mosque and community center in the Valley,” said imam Abdullah Yousri from the Ummah Masjid and Community Center, reported.

“Alhmadulellah, the big success of the Antigonish Mosque and community Center was mainly because of the outpouring support that we received from the community. This is a long overdue project to serve the community in the valley, we are asking for your support to make this happen.”

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Wolfville is a town in the Annapolis Valley, Kings County, Nova Scotia, located about 100 kilometres (62 mi) northwest of the provincial capital, Halifax. The town is home to Acadia University.

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No Mosque

At present, there is no mosque or prayer facility for the growing Muslim community in the whole Annapolis Valley. Located right next to the highway, the new mosque is envisioned to be a community hub for residents of Wolfville, Kentville, Berwick and all in the Annapolis Valley.

Having the centre a few meters away from Acadia University also makes the site ideal to support international students and faculty members.

“We aspire to make this project an attraction to more immigrants and newcomers to settle and give back to the greater community of the Valley,” imam Yousri added.

Mosques are the beating heart of the Muslim community and stand as a physical example of Islamic faith. To complete the first phase of the project, the community needs to raise $ 350,000 before Feb 28th, 2022.

The campaign launched by the Ummah Masjid and Community Center has raised more than $197,000.