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Muslims Lead Amazing Relief Effort in Texas

Distributing hot meals and opening shelters, Muslims in Texas are doing amazing jobs to help the community as freezing weather hits the state.

“My power was out last Monday. EPIC (East Plano Islamic Center) masjid were so kind to drop off meals to the afflicted. My heart was touched by this warmth on an extremely chilly day,” Suzana Saad, an American Muslim mother of two, told

“Also some masjids had their doors open as home shelters, such as, Valley Ranch Islamic Center, Islamic Center of Frisco, and Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas Inc.”

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One week after freezing temperature hit Texas, weather got warmer on Wednesday. At least 26 people died across Texas after brutal storms unleashed since February 11.

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Millions lost power, forcing families to huddle over a fireplace, scavenge for firewood or spend nights in their car trying to stay warm.

Others spent hours searching for food as shelves emptied and weather conditions led to food supply chain problems. The frigid temperatures caused pipes to burst, leading to water disruptions for roughly half the state’s population.

On the other hand, the Islamic Circle of North America relief team has distributed hundreds of meals and care packages.

“ICNA Relief’s local team distributed more than 500 care packages including to the homeless people at the Dallas convention center,” ICNA Relief wrote on Facebook.

“Despite the historic snow storm, power & water outages since last week and other challenges, ICNA Relief has been on the ground, helping the people in dire need.

“We have been providing 3000 meals, along with winter supplies for the last several days to the homeless at the Dallas convention center, with the ongoing support and donations from the DFW communities and APPNA.”