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Muslims in Memphis Kick Off Month-Long Events

Since 2001, the Muslim community has hosted a series of events to promote understanding and opportunity for fellowship and interaction with people of the Muslim faith.

Thus, the annual “Muslims in Memphis Month” has become a fixed event that brings Memphis community members together.

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Muslims mark the month-long event with keynote speakers, food bazaar, Islamic Arts, movie, entertainment, and traveling museums, to help build bridges between community members.

The 2020 event is held under the theme, “MIM 20/20 – Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens.”

Kicking off the events on Saturday, local mosques in Memphis opened their doors. The event aimed to give people an opportunity for fellowship and to understand the Muslim faith, Local Memphis reported.

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Muslims in Memphis Kick Off Month-Long Events - About Islam

The open house is a part of the month-long annual “Muslims in Memphis” celebration.

“We want to show Muslims who they are and what we believe in,” said Sami Sakaan, Assistant Professor at UTHSC.

“That we are your neighbors, we are your doctors, nurses, and businesses in the community and are contributing to the community.”

Muslims in Memphis is a non-profit organization which launched in 2003.

Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton made the “Muslims in Memphis” designation in 2001.