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Muslims Celebrate Annual Ohio Islamic Day Virtually

Over the past three decades, Muslims and non-Muslims in Ohio have met every year in October to celebrate the annual Islamic Day in Ohio (IDO).

The event, first celebrated in 1987, used to offer a chance to promote and educate others about Islam.

Though COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of many events, the Islamic Council of Ohio (ICO) was determined to mark this year’s event in an online celebration, News 5 Cleveland reported.

Each year ICO partners with an Islamic Center within the State of Ohio to host the event. This year, the Islamic Society of Akron and Kent and the Akron Masjid collaborated with ICO to host it virtually.

“The tradition has been very impactful and successful in prior years. ICO will continue this tradition, as well as continue to solidify ties with Ohio public officials, in aspirations of promoting Islam in a pure and genuine light to the public,” ICO says on its website.

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The theme of this year’s event was “Racial Justice: A Moral Obligation”.

It featured speakers Azhar Azeez, past President of the Islamic Society of North America; Councilman Basheer Jones, Cleveland’s first Muslim council representative; Sr. Toqa Hassan, who founded the Youth Inspiration Network, Akron Masjid’s youth group; and Khalid Madhi, Chair of Faith Islamic Academy’s Board of Education.

History Of Islamic Days

Ohio Muslims celebrate the Islamic Day of Ohio every second Saturday in October; and this has been the practice since 1987.

The first event was marked in 1987 after the then Governor Richard Celeste declared an official Islamic Day in Ohio. It came as a direct result of the Council’s efforts in promoting Islam to Ohio elected public officials.

The goal of the event is to promote and educate others about Islam, its ideals, teachings, and practices to Ohio communities.

Islam Day was also a day of recognition for Islam and Muslims in Hawaii on September 24, 2009, designated by a symbolic resolution of the State Legislature.