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Uber Muslim Driver Amazing Act Goes Viral

NEW YORK – A generous act offered by a Muslim Uber driver has forced Daniel Green, a New Yorker user of the taxi service, to share the story on the internet to express gratitude and counter increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric on media.

Green, who works at Daniel Green Music, called an Uber driver Ali and asked him to carry him to a store first for the replacement of his equipment and then to his apartment keeping the meter on (for calculation of fare).

To his surprise, the Uber Muslim driver Ali gave him a favor of simply dropping off his equipment to far off place in the city without Daniel bothering for the hassle, saving his return fare and time.

“My driver was a (presumably) Muslim guy named Ali, and after I got in I explained that I would just be dropping something off, and once we got there would he mind waiting, keeping the meter running and then driving me back to my apartment? ” Green wrote on Facebook.

“His response: “Why don’t I just drop it off for you?” Me: “What?” Him: “Yeah, that way it’s easier for you, right?” Me: “Uh, yes. That would be amazing.” I leave the equipment in the car and get back out, still standing on my own block, thinking huh… I hope this works out… I wonder how I could track that stuff down if need be.”

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The confused Daniel handed over the equipment but after a scant period of time, he was shocked as he received the response from the store after they received the equipment.

The responsible driver prompted Daniel with receipt of his equipment and Uber receipt.

“Cut to twenty minutes later – he’s driven all the way to the place (faster than the estimated time) and all of a sudden three things happen: 1) I have an email from my cable provider, confirming the return of my items and thanking “me” for stopping by. 2) I get my Uber receipt, showing that the trip cost me less than HALF of what it would have if my driver Ali had just done what I asked him to do. And then 3) I get a text from him, with a picture attached of my cable receipt. Because he didn’t know they would email me, and because he’s apparently the most conscientious person in America,” he wrote.

The impressed Daniel took to Facebook to praise the driver as his generosity saved time and few bucks of Daniel.

“He saved me over twenty bucks (out of his own pocket) and half an hour on my way to work. My wife marveled, “I don’t understand what was in it for him.” I don’t either – but I think I just got a little glimpse into what ACTUALLY makes this country great. #strongertogether #thanksali.”

The post comes at a hard time for Muslims who have been facing increasing hate crimes triggered by hateful rhetoric in presidential campaign.

Earlier in September, a female Muslim tourist was set on fire by attacker in Midtown Manhattan for wearing a hijab and traditional Islamic garments.

In June, Mohamed Rasheed Khan was brutally beaten by three men when riding his bicycle home from evening prayers at his mosque in Jamaica, Queens.

Queens Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and his assistant Thara Uddin, 64, were also murdered, leading to an uproar and protest from many New York Muslims.