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Muslim Superheroine Ms Marvel Urges Americans to Vote

DALLAS – America’s first-ever Muslim superheroine, Ms Marvel, has taken a break from fighting the forces of evil and dedicated all her superpowers to bringing out Americans, including Muslims, the vote on Tuesday.

In Saturday’s edition, Ms. Marvel, whose secret identity is 16-year-old Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American of Jersey City, goes from door to door in her hometown in New Jersey trying to get out the vote.

One person slams the door in their face while another says his boss won’t let him and he has to work on Election Day.

Another says he is protesting and has not voted since 1972 and tells her he does not intend on voting because “the candidates are all terrible.”

“By not voting, you’re not sending a message – you’re just lumping yourself in with the millions of people who didn’t vote because they don’t know how or don’t care,” she answers the man.Muslim Superheroine Ms Marvel Urges Americans to Vote-

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The comics’ edition shows Ms. Marvel collapses because even her superpowers are unable to help her explain time after time the importance of the elections and voting to her neighbors.

The Ms. Marvel series was launched three years ago is very popular among both readers and critics. It has won a large number of awards, including the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2015, along with a number of Eisner and Harvey awards.

When she is not fighting the bad guys and saving the world, Khan, the daughter of Pakistani immigrants from Karachi, is a typical American teenager.

She uses her superpowers, she is a polymorph who can change her shape and lengthen her arms and legs, when she sneaks out of her home late at night, against her strict parents’ strict instructions.

The full comic book will only come out after the election, on November 30, but at the end of the story it looks like Khan has succeeded in convincing the masses to come out and vote.

In a scene that invokes Eugene Delacroix’s masterpiece “Liberty Leading the People,” commemorating the July Revolution of 1830 in France, the residents of New Jersey can be seen marching and carrying signs behind Khan, as she waves an American flag and calls for everyone to follow her: “To the polls.”