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Muslim Shop Feeds Hungry for Free, People Pay Back

EDMONTON – Starting his donair shop two years ago in Edmonton, Maher Taweel was shocked to open doors on Tuesday to a huge crowd of new customers, giving him the busiest day ever.

“Everyone just came to say ‘Thank you. You’re a good man’,” Taweel, a Canadian Muslim of Palestinian origin, told CBC News on Tuesday evening, March 29.

“I can’t believe what’s going on. Seriously,” he said.

Though Taweel could not grasp the reason for the sudden popularity of his restaurant, Jumbo Donair on 66th Street, everything was clear on social media.

Taweel shot to popularity on Monday after a young man came into his shop, but couldn’t afford to buy anything.

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“He said to me ‘I am so hungry. I need some food’,” Taweel said. “I said ‘Of course man. What would you like?’ ”

As he gave the man a heaping plate of poutine, another customer saw the whole thing and posted it on Facebook post that went viral.

Thank You

John Marshall is one of those who saw the post on Facebook and decided to support Taweel’s business.

“I read the story about how he helps people who don’t have enough money to eat,” Marshall said.

“It’s giving me goosebumps. I feel warm about that.”

Ami Kitzman also read about Taweel on Facebook, visiting the shop with her brother and son to show their support.

“It’s delicious, and he’s so nice. They’re just wonderful people,” Kitzman said of Taweel and his wife.

Taweel moved to Canada with his family from Palestine in 2002 where he was welcomed with open arms.

That’s why he tries to help as many people as he can.

Though he was thinking of selling his Donair shop, due to a medical issue with his leg, he decided to continue running it.

“If I’m busy like this, I’ll need more help for sure,” Taweel said.