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Muslim Non-profits Raise Funds During Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Millions of users engage in fundraising during Giving Tuesday, reaching across social media to donors around the world. 

“Donors are looking to donate without persuasion,” says Abdullah. “Just last year, almost 1 million dollars was raised on LaunchGood and 70K+ people visited our platform from around the globe. We see more traffic than Ramadan.”

The Muslim platform, LaunchGood serves as a partner with the Giving Tuesday organization, offering over 100k dollars in prizes.

“Prizes include leaderboard competitions for most supporters, matching funds, storytelling contests, wildcard giveaways every hour and more,” explains Abdullah.

“The best part is, unlike Facebook and other platforms, we won’t run out of prizes and Giving Tuesday will run for a full 48 hours! We want to ensure we give all of our global community a chance to participate.”

Participation in the event often requires careful planning.

Alsadi informed About Islam that Justice for All strategizes well in advance. “We set our fundraising plan at the beginning of the fiscal year. This is when we put a Giving Tuesday fundraising plan in place. This allows us to explore fundraising options and how to promote our organization.”

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Malik describes how Rabata plans for Giving Tuesday.

“Rabata’s plans for Giving Tuesday go through several phases of planning, starting with the annual plan that dates as far back as November of last year. We facilitate the opportunity for those who look forward to giving during this end-of-year season.

“Throughout the year, we will remind ourselves of our dedication to have a platform on Giving Tuesday and continue implementing best method practices from the philanthropic lens – lots of fun research, learning, and bringing ideas together. Providing an opportunity like Giving Tuesday allows Muslims to feel like a part of the larger fabric of society as everyone is highlighting ways to be involved in charitable giving.”

Ending the Year Right

Although Ramadan may be the ideal time of year to give, nonprofit Muslim organizations appreciate the worldwide diverse day of giving.

“Giving Tuesday comes right after a great national holiday all about sharing, caring, giving, and gratitude,” says Alsadi.  So, Giving Tuesday is a day when people are fully charged with generosity and faith, and those are the ingredients for strong contributions.”

“Giving Tuesday is a reminder that Muslim giving can occur outside of Ramadan,” says Malik. [It] provides a collaborative framework across the United States that focuses on people connecting with causes they hold dear to their hearts and lives.

“Many for-profit corporations even highlight this opportunity for those in their networks to contribute to nonprofit organizations by incentivizing charitable donations. This is a fantastic bridge in helping those who may not understand the impact of their donations see how they can be one of the critical components in helping community-based organizations succeed in their mission and take part in the season of giving.

“Giving Tuesday differs from other crowdfunding campaigns because of how much it becomes a group effort – across all organizations. Everyone is eager to be engaged and excited to be a part of this larger movement to build a better world.”

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