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Muslim Mother Forgives Son’s Murderer

CINCINNATI, Ohio – A Muslim mother has forgiven the teen involved in her son’s murder in an emotional courtroom speech, and offered help to him and his family.

“I don’t hate you, I can’t hate you, it’s not our way, showing rahmah (mercy) is our way,” Rukeya, the mother, told the teen in the courtroom.

Suliman Abdul-Mutakallim was shot in the head as he was going home and was robbed of just $60.

Rukeya, a native of North Carolina and a devout Muslim who converted in her late-teens, addressed Javon Coulter, who pleaded guilty to being involved in Suliman’s murder on the night of June 28, 2015, in South Cumminsville, Cincinnati.

Suliman, then 39-year-old Navy veteran, was walking home from a White Castle, carrying a bag of food when he was shot. His wallet contained less than $60.

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The grieving mother embraced Javon in the courtroom and said she was willing to help him turn his life around, and also offered to help his mother.

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