Muslim Law Student Gets McGill Univ. Award for Inclusion

  • McGill law student Lina Bensaidane is the first recipient of a new award at the university
  • Her father is a member of the mosque that was attacked in January 2017
  • Lina works hard to educate people about her community and bridge the divide.

QUEBEC, Montreal – Honoring the victims of last year’s Quebec City mosque attack, the McGill University has given a young Muslim law student the first award, honoring those who foster inclusion, Montreal City News reported.

As the first winner of the award, McGill law student Lina Bensaidane was given a $1,200 bursary.

Her father is a member of the mosque that was attacked in January 2017, and for hours, she didn’t know if he was there when it happened.

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On its campaign website, Seeds of Change, the university says the McGill community decided to establish the award to commemorate the lives of the men killed and to “encourage greater tolerance and understanding in Quebec and Canada.”

The campaign website also states “applicants will have demonstrated a commitment to fostering the inclusion of Muslims within the larger Québécois and Canadian societies.”

The Quebec City mosque shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on January 29, 2017, at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City.

Six worshippers were killed and nineteen others injured when the lone gunman, Alexandre Bissonnette, opened fire after the end of evening prayers.

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