Muslim Group Offers Free Food for South Jersey’s Vulnerable

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a growing number of families across the US, experiencing an increased loss of income, mounting bills, and food insecurity.

In South Jersey, an Islamic group has been offering free food to support needy families in this tough time.

“We have rice, beans of different varieties, flour,” detailed Moorestown’s Saima Bhutta, KYW News Radio reported.

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Bhutta works with a group of 20 volunteers from Islamic Social Services of South Jersey to deliver food items to the less fortunate in Burlington, Camden and Atlantic Counties.

“Many of them are Muslims, many of them are just immigrants,” said Bhutta. “They are people who just started off. Many of them are from Africa.”

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Bhutta, also a member of the Muslim Federation of South Jersey, made this effort a family activity. She derives happiness from helping others.

“It’s actually pretty fun working with my Mom,” said her son Faarzan. “Helping people, getting people food and rations during these troubling times.”

“Nothing else provides me as much,” she said.

Islamic charities and Muslim communities around the world have stepped in with efforts to help the less fortunate during this difficult time.

Islam recognizes the importance of food security and, thus, deems it a great blessing that we should value, appreciate and pursue.

Allah says in the Qur’an, {Let them worship the Lord of this House, Who has fed them, [saving them] from hunger and made them safe from fear.} (Quraish 106: 3-4)

Solidarity among the community members is one of the strategies that Islam uses to combat hunger.