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Muslim Good Samaritans Save Man from Burning Car in Minnesota

A dashcam footage captured the moment a group of Muslim Good Samaritans pulled a trapped man from a burning car in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The footage, which went viral on the internet, shows rescuers racing against time as a fast-moving and aggressive fire spreads throughout the wrecked car, CBS News reported.

Kadir Tolla, a Muslim man, was on his way into St. Paul when he came upon a fiery crash scene.

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“The scariest moment of my life. I saw a car on fire, and I was like ‘Oh, there’s probably someone in there,'” he said.

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“The worst thing that could have happened was I could probably get burned a little or get injured, but that man could literally lose his life.”

Tolla’s video shows him and several other good Samaritans attempting to pry the vehicle’s doors open with little success as the flames continued to grow.

“That could have been me one day, you know,” Tolla said. “What would happen if I was in that situation and my life was in the hands of strangers that I don’t even know. This is something I’ll never forget.”

The group were able to free the driver before the fire fully engulfed the vehicle.

Saving lives is a highly rewarded act in Islam.

Allah tells us that “If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” Quran 5:32