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Mosques Hold Open House for ‘Muslims in Memphis Month’

In an effort to draw awareness to the true teachings of Islam, Muslims are planning to host a month-long of events under the annual celebration “Muslims in Memphis.”

Set to launch on Saturday, March 11, the month-long celebration will include open house events at local mosques around the area, ABC 25 reported.

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This year’s event comes after two hiatus years due to covid-19. Mbarek Amziane, a teacher at Craigmont High School, said he feels blessed now that COVID isn’t keeping everyone away from such a celebration.

“We are so glad now that we can see our neighbors come in and visit us from different parts of the city,” Amziane said.

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He added that he was also glad that Muslims have a place in the city of Memphis.

“We feel that we are an integral part of this city, especially [knowing] that there is a month in the year that the Muslims are being celebrated,” he said.

Since 2001, the Muslim community has hosted a series of events to promote understanding and opportunity for fellowship and interaction with people of the Muslim faith.

Thus, the annual “Muslims in Memphis Month” has become a fixed event that brings Memphis community members together.

Muslims mark the month-long event with keynote speakers, food bazaar, Islamic Arts, movie, entertainment, and traveling museums, to help build bridges between community members.