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Mosque to Mosque: US Muslims March to Support Black Lives Matter

As the anti-racism protests, triggered by the death of George Floyd, spread across the United States, the Black Lives Matter movement is fast becoming a rallying point for American Muslims supporting justice for people of different faiths and races.

Muslims in St. Louis, Missouri, marched Sunday from a mosque to another to support Black Lives Matter movement.

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The march was attended by around 100 people. They marched a mile and a half from Masjid Bilal, 3843 West Pine Street, to Masjid Al-Mu’minun, 1435 North Grand Boulevard, St. Louis Post Dispatch reported.

One of the speakers, Asif Umar, imam of Daar-Ul-Islam mosque in Manchester, said America was living with a pandemic that started 400 years ago.

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“The pandemic of police brutality,” Umar said. “And there’s still no vaccine.” 

“We cannot give up this fight,” he added. 

Muslims for Justice

Umar Lee, 45, a fixture at St. Louis Black Lives Matter protests, added that standing up for justice was key Islamic tenet.

“Muslims stand for justice — as our prophet Muhammad did,” Lee said. “We stand in solidarity with Black lives.”

Saturday’s march is not the only event by American Muslims to support Black Lives Matter campaign.

American Muslims have been leading the protests, following the example of Black American Muslim activists who led the fight for equality decades ago.

Earlier this week, a coalition of more than 90 American Muslim community organizations from 25 states, DC and Puerto Rico, issued a joint statement of support and solidarity with Black victims of police violence and the ongoing, nationwide protests.