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Mexican Couple Reverts to Islam after Watching Muslim TV Series

A Mexican couple has reverted to Islam after watching a Turkish TV series that elevates faith-based heroism, Albawaba reported.

The couple said their shahadah, the Islamic declaration of faith, with star Celal Al, who plays Abdurrahman Alp in the hit TV series Ertugrul, when he visited the United States.

According to the video posted on Twitter by Muslim Council HK, the couple was inspired by the Turkish hit and started researching about Islam.

Afterward, they decided to embrace the faith.

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After becoming Muslims, the couple were presented with two copies of the Qur’an, one in English and another in Spanish.

Latino Converts

In 2009, only 1 percent of Muslims identified as Hispanic. By 2018, it was 7 percent, according to an official report, “American Muslim Poll: Predicting and Preventing Islamophobia.”

There are 250,000 Latino Muslims in the United States, according to Islam in Spanish website.

The historical drama Ertugrul was created by screenwriter Mehmet Bozdağ and features popular Turkish actors Engin Altan Düzyatan (Ertugrul) and Esra Bilgiç Töre (Halima Sultan) in leading roles.

Based on the history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks, the bloody, epic, imagine the vividly inspiring life of Sulaiman Shah and his son Ertuğrul, father of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire.

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