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Meet Montreal’s Muslim Mother Teresa

MONTREAL – Dubbed as Muslim mother Theresa, 70-year-old Sabariah Hussein has been offering free meals to hundreds of homeless and needy people on a daily basis, maintaining a tradition she has preserved for longtime.

Sister Sabria’s involvement in the Montreal community dates back to 30 years, when she arrived in Canada after completing international cuisine courses in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

As a devout Muslim, she is heavily involved in the act of charity-giving for the Muslim community, cooking thousands of meals for mosques spread throughout the city. She also lends a hand to anyone in need, regardless of race, religion or sex, working closely with River’s Edge Community Church and Unity Church, both located in N.D.G. She also runs her own women’s shelter from home, called Our Second Home.

Opening her doors and heart, Sister Sabariah also runs a women’s shelter, becoming a legacy of love and faith.

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