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Kentucky Muslims Celebrate First Muslim Day

Muslims in Kentucky are set to celebrate the first-ever “Muslim Day” next month at the state capitol, sharing their Islamic culture and making their voices heard to legislators, Yeni Safak reported.

“One thing that really helps is for people to know a Muslim one-on-one, and that’s part of encouraging Muslims to get out, to be involved in society, because if people know you personally, that’s their image of Islam,” Waheeda Muhammad, chair of the Kentucky chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, told WKU Public Radio.

The event is planned on January 22, 2020, at the state capitol Frankfort. Attendants will visit the building, meet legislators and pray in the Rotunda.

According to Muhammad, the event will encourage Muslims to engage in politics and run for office. Some visitors even plan to advocate to pass stronger anti-bullying laws.

Kentucky Muslims Celebrate First Muslim Day - About Islam

Muhammad highlighted that Muslim Day in Frankfort is not state-sanctioned, hoping that the gathering will become an annual event.

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Though Kentucky’s event is not an official one, other American states have dedicated special days for Muslims.

In Ohio, for example, the Islamic Day of Ohio has been recognized by the state to be marked every second Saturday in October since 1987.

The tradition has continued, and each year an Islamic Center within the State of Ohio is selected to be the host of the event. The goal of the event is to promote and educate others about Islam, its ideals, teachings and practices, to our local Ohio communities.

Islam Day was also a day of recognition for Islam and Muslims in Hawaii on September 24, 2009 designated by a symbolic resolution of the State Legislature.