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Islamic History Month: Sharing Food with Love

Canada annually celebrates Islamic History Month in the whole month of October, and the focus this year is on sharing the culinary contributions of Muslims to health, wellness, social peace, and societal harmony.

“On the 15th anniversary of the proclamation of October as Canadian Islamic History Month, we take a moment to honor and celebrate our country’s large and diverse Muslim communities,” Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s minister for housing and diversity and inclusion, said in a statement on the occasion.

“Canada is the country it is because of its People and Muslim Canadians have greatly contributed to the overall success of our society.

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“From science to business, academia to the arts and everything in between, Muslim Canadians have helped shape the modern-day Canada that we all know today. These diverse communities have an array of rich traditions and share a deep history from which we can all learn.”

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Celebrating Islamic History Month in Canada (IHMC) annually aims to celebrate and share with fellow Canadians the rich Muslim heritage and contributions to society.

Back in 2007, honorable and departed, Mauril Belanger, MP, for Ottawa-Vanier proclaimed IHMC. The cities of Kingston, Burnaby, and the province of Manitoba also proclaimed the event.

Later on, IHMC became an independent body with a new Chair in 2013. The Board members are currently from Saskatoon, Regina, London, Ottawa, and Winnipeg.

Getting Together

This year’s event is held under the theme, “Multicultural Flavors of Muslim Cuisine.” The objectives are to share the culinary contributions of Muslims to health, wellness, social peace and societal harmony.

“After more than two years of online IHMC activities, this year let us reconnect with celebrations of sharing food, fun activities, education and showcase the rich heritage of Muslim Cuisine from the many Muslim cultures and enjoy their hospitality,” IHMC website read.

Meanwhile, Minister Hussen promised to stand with Muslims against rising Islamophobia and hate crimes, urging Canadian people to join local events to better know the Muslim community.

“As we celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Canadians, we must also recognize that Islamophobia and hate crimes against members of their communities are an unacceptable reality,” he said.

“We will continue to stand with them in the face of hate. We remain committed to appointing the first-ever Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia.

“In October, I encourage all Canadians to join in on local events that highlight the history of Muslim Canadian communities. Together, let us continue to strive toward building a country that is even more welcoming and inclusive, where everyone has a chance to succeed.”