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In-Person or Online? COVID-19 Schooling Tough Choice

Difficult Times

recent study found that between March and June 2020, 27% of parents reported worsening mental health for themselves, and 14% reported worsening behavioral health for their children.

Those numbers are expected to sour with the new school year rolling out. (Check out this article on how to manage the stress of online learning: Homeschoolers to Corona-Hostage Parents: Here’re Some Tips) 

Add to that the quality of online teaching the teachers are providing. Despite the fact that some school districts offered the teachers training course for online education, being able to deliver content behind the screen and keep the students engaged requires far more skills than what a teacher can get in a brief training.

It will take time and practice for teachers to master such skills; until then, children will be the ones to suffer.

In-Person or Online? COVID-19 Schooling Tough Choice - About Islam

College “Life”

Suffering takes a different form when we look at college students, especially freshmen. College is always tied with a new lifestyle of independence and the ability to chart a new life away from the protective family norms.

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Now that many universities moved to an online format, this life got postponed at least a year.

College students are now to enjoy their new life with their eyes staring at the same screen they have been watching during school. Events, connections, personal interaction with professors, and many more features of human life are reduced now to their minimal or nothing. 

The COVID-19 tsunami isn’t over yet; it will stay for a little longer. It will have an impact on the personality of this new generation. We do not know how and when, but we know it is happening. How parents and educators are handling it will make all the difference.

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