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Illinois Muslims Host Naperville First Halal Festival

  • Thousands of people enjoy the first halal festival in Naperville, celebrating their rich cultural heritage, cuisine, and arts
  • The festival aims to foster unity, promote interfaith dialogue, and build bridges of understanding and respect

Illinois Muslim Chamber of Commerce (ILMCC) hosted the inaugural Halal Fest in Naperville on August 5 to showcase the vibrant and diverse Muslim lifestyles of the Naperville and Greater Chicagoland area, representing cultures from around the world.

Coming together on Saturday at Frontier Park, Naperville, attendees had the opportunity to indulge in a rich array of experiences, including food, traditional attire, arts, culture, and more.  

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“This organization needs to support and help and connect between the Muslim businesses so that they can grow,” said ILMCC President Shafeek Abubaker, NCTV reported.

“So putting together this event, we are giving an opportunity, especially for the small businesses in the community, to come together, have a platform where they can showcase their services.

“Food vendors, over here, we have around 20 food vendors to give them an opportunity so that they can present their products, their food to the larger community,” he added.

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Illinois Muslims Host Naperville First Halal Festival - About Islam

Opening doors to people of all faiths and backgrounds, the festival aimed to foster community unity and promote interfaith dialogue.

“This is the annual inaugural event. And even with adverse weather like this, we are seeing a good crowd coming in. So that is inspiring us to do this event year after year,” said Abubaker.

Annual Event

With thousands of attendees participating in the event, organizers of the Naperville Halal Fest plan to hold the event annually.

Naperville City Councilman Benny White was among attendants to support the inaugural event.

“It’s absolutely very well-organized. Great vendors can’t wait to get into some of the foods I’m about to eat here in the second, and it’s a great venue,” said White.

Similar events usually bring people together, sharing food and conversation.

Earlier this year, the North Carolina Muslim Festival brought hundreds of people together to build bridges with community members.

Last December, the Islamic center of Cambridge, Ontario, invited neighbors for a fun night of games, gifts, prizes and more in the annual Family Fun Night.

Also in Greater Lansing, the Islamic center hosted Salaam Peace Festival to bring different cultures together through exhibits and food.