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Illinois Muslim Students Host Fast-A-Thon for Syria

ILLINOIS – Muslim students at the College of DuPage (COD) will host a fast-a-thon event Thursday, March 15, to raise money for Syria and raise awareness about refugee problem.

“The concept of a Fast-A-Thon was originally created for colleges and universities across North America to raise awareness about how Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan as well as for people to realize the issue of hunger and others around the world who are less fortunate,” said Feryaal Tahir, co-president of the COD Muslim Student Association (MSA), The COD Courier reported.

The event is planned from 6 pm to 8 pm in Student Service Center 3245. The group will host a dinner and discussion following the day-long fast as a way to raise awareness and funding for a specific issue the organization selects.

“With this event, we hope to bring awareness to the situation that is going on,” said Tahir.

“Innocent people are being killed, and, frankly, the world is silent. We never hear about it on the news, and nobody here realizes how severe the situation really is.”

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The conflict is seemingly at its worst in Ghouta, Syria.

“In just 18 days, 1,700 bombs have landed on Ghouta, killing about 800 people and trapping 400,000 people,” said Tahir.

“Food and water are running out. The situation is dire and inhuman.”

The money raised will be sent to the Zakat Foundation of America, allowing the group to provide support for civilians and internally displaced people of Syria.

Funds will also go toward food, water and medical care for Syrians, particularly in the Ghouta region.

Two members of the Zakat Foundation, Maaz Fitter, and Abdelhamid, will host a discussion at the dinner to inform the audience of the Syrian conflict and the ways the Zakat Foundation is involved in providing assistance.

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