Illinois Mosque Open House Proves Successful

CAIRO – The Islamic center of Naperville, Illinois, has received more than 1000 visitors in a successful open house, offering them true information about Islam and giving them an insight into Islamic and Arabic contributions to the sciences and arts.

“That conversation really made me happy. It made my day,” Mansoor Syed, form the Islamic Center of Naperville, told Chicago Tribune.

“People have been so open and forthcoming. This (open house) is a great platform for telling people about who we are and how we are part of the community.”

The huge number of non-Muslim visitors to the center offered a chance to discuss misconceptions about Islamic faith.

Moreover, they were offered pamphlets on the tenets of Islam and learned about Islamic and Arabic contributions to the sciences and arts.

People were also able to sample various foods from the Mediterranean region in order to get into the spirit of the day.

Rizwan Ali, a high school teacher and the imam at Islamic Center of Naperville, said the open house was held to provide answers to anyone with concerns or questions.

“We wanted to create an open and honest dialogue about Islam,” Ali said.

During the event, Muslims offered answers about terrorism, female oppression, Shari`ah law, interfaith marriage, clothing standards, Halal practices and more.

Audi McGee, of Aurora, is one of the visitors who found answers at the mosque.

“They are so nice here. I really wanted to learn more and find out more,” McGee said.