ICNA 2019: Ramadan Prep Is Serious Business

Muslims around the world anticipate the beginning of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and increased spiritual activities and reflection. Many see the thirty holy days as a chance for personal development and increase good deeds through communal philanthropy.

With the expected May 5th commencement date quickly approaching, people consider ways to organize themselves, family and communities in anticipation of the spiritual and physical demands of Ramadan. ICNA 2019 attendees packed the “Preparing for Ramadan” session with Imam Hamad Chebli, Yahya Suufi, and Altaf Husain.

Panelists inspired enthusiasm for Ramadan and offered advice to build iman before the start of and during days of fasting and increased ibadah.

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“Ramadan is a month of opportunities,” said Imam Hamad Chebli. “The month of investment and challenge.”

Chebli cited the hadith that categorized the month into three parts:

  • First ten days – Mercy
  • Second ten days – Forgiveness
  • Last ten days – Safety from Hellfire

“We have to prepare ourselves for the mercy, forgiveness and guarantee not to be in the hellfire.”

ICNA 2019: Ramadan Prep Is Serious Business - About Islam

Heading into Ramadan

Chebli advised the audience to prioritize sincerity over food planning for the month. “The food is a second issue. [We must] have a sincere intention to fast for the sake of Allah then make tawbah for all of our past sins [and] bad habits.”

Chebli mentioned a need for efficient time management during the month. “We have to organize our time. During the month of Ramadan, every minute has its own value [and] means something for us.”

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He reminded listeners of the increased reward during the month. Rasulullah says in the meaning of the hadith, every hasana in the month of Ramadan [is] equal to ten in [another] month. So, it is a month of investment.”

Chebli advised people to cut internet time. “Disconnect from Facebook and social media.”

ICNA 2019: Ramadan Prep Is Serious Business - About Islam

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