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How Covid-19 Impacts Domestic Violence?

Safe Haven

In an effort to keep families safe, Muslim organizations are stepping up to provide safe havens for victims of domestic violence.

In addition to support services and shelters, domestic violence advocates offer a few tips for people who may be experiencing domestic violence during this time:

  1. Identify the safest room in your house
  2. Keep your cell phone on you at all times
  3. Identify important documents and keep them in reach at all times
  4. Keep essential medications in a safe and accessible place
  5. If possible, prepare a quick to-go bag with essentials
  6. Make contact with a domestic violence organization by calling 24-hour hotline 1−800−799−7233 as soon as possible

Muslim Organizations that Aim to Help

Baitul Islam

BSN serves as a support mechanism for individuals and other organizations that assist survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Noor Family Services 

Noor Family Services is located in Atlanta, GA and works to support victims of domestic violence by delivering high quality legal, referral, counseling, case management, and education services to the Metro-Atlanta community.


Peaceful Family Projects

PFP is an effort to affect change in all areas impacting victims and survivors of domestic violence, programming includes prevention and intervention in its approach to community education and development, training and technical assistance, and research.


Nisa Homes

Nisa Homes is a transitional home for immigrant, refugee and Muslim women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. This home is a center of empowerment where the vulnerable are given hope, the broken are rebuilt and the helpless are given their dignity.



NISA’s primary goal is to reduce the incidents of domestic violence and achieve domestic harmony among families through collaborative efforts with the community and other established organizations. 


NUR Center

Nur Center provides culturally sensitive services to its clients. They work to restore their dignity, confidence and self-respect as functional individuals and nurture them to become a resource and inspiration for others in distress.

Home 3

Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation

Established in 2012, this shelter is the first and only family violence shelter in Texas addressing the specific language, faith, diet, social and legal needs of Muslim women. With a diverse staff speaking more than 14 languages, the shelter is housed at an undisclosed location and welcomes women of Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds.

24-Hour Emergency Hotline

(972) 880-4192

No More Tears

No More Tears (NMT) works with all victims of relationship violence; however, the majority are domestic violence and human trafficking cases brought to the United States from all over the world.

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