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Houston Police, Muslims Serve 700 Refugee Families Hot Meals

Houston Police Department has cooperated with a local Arab American community group to serve hundreds of refugee families hot meals, groceries and toys for Ramadan.

The event, held on Saturday, was organized by the Arab American Center and Amaanah Services. About 700 families received hot food, toiletries, groceries, and toys, Fox 26 reported.

The event comes as Muslims mark the holy month of Ramadan during which Muslims abstain from food and water from dawn to sunset.

It also comes a few days before the Easter holiday, a holiday expected to be celebrated normally this year after two years of COVID restrictions.

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A group of students from the University of Houston started the Amaanah Refugee Services in 2008 to address the unmet needs of Houston refugee families, mothers, and children.

Now with 15 years of experience in helping families find their home in the US, the group offers long-term programs to help immigrants become fully acclimated to life in America.

Ramadan is a blessed month where the rewards for all of our good deeds are multiplied.

Generosity and charity are generally blessed in Islamic Shari`ah, however, it’s specially blessed during the month of Ramadan.