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Hamtramck Swears in First Muslim Mayor, All-Muslim Council

People in Hamtramck, Detroit welcomed the New Year 2022 with a historic celebration in which the city’s first Muslim mayor and an all-Muslim city council were sworn in on Sunday, January 2.

“Hamtramck continues to be an example of the American dream, big and small,” former Mayor Karen Majewski said during the swearing-in ceremony for the new city leaders, Detroit News reported.

Amer Ghalib, a 42-year-old health care worker made history in November elections, becoming the first non-Polish mayor of the city in 100 years. 

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Ghalib was sworn in alongside three newly elected members of the City Council, Adam Albarmaki, Amanda Jaczkowski, and Khalil Refai, who are Muslim themselves.

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“What could be more American than having our residents, our immigrant families, venture into local politics,” Kathleen Angerer, Hamtramck’s city manager, said during the ceremony Sunday.

“Today, we are witness to the reality of the American dream. We are witness to the opportunity of living in a country where anyone can achieve their dreams.”

Celebrating Diversity

Sunday’s ceremony was also a celebration of Hamtramck’s diverse backgrounds. It began with a performance by Anamika Roy, a recording artist from Bangladesh, while Majewski introduced the city’s new leaders in a variety of languages.

The national anthem was also sung by 14-year-old Maria Saad, a Yemeni-American student from Dearborn.

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