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Global Conf. on Disability & Islam Concludes Successfully

“Allah did not leave us behind – He is giving everyone the chance to fulfil Amanah towards us"

For the second year in a row, service providers, academics, Islamic scholars, and disability advocates came together on September 25 for the second major online conference on disability and Islam, joining efforts for a day of learning, sharing and networking.

“Allah did not leave us behind – He is giving everyone the chance to fulfil Amanah towards us,” Sa’diyya Nesar, Hong Kong based disability advocate told audience of the 2nd Annual Global Conference on Disability and Islam held online on Saturday, reported.

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Sa’diyya Nesar
Sa’diyya Nesar

“All humans – whether disabled or not – belong to Allah and return to Him,” Nesar added in her keynote address to the conference titled, ‘The Right to Belong and Heal – Amanah towards People with Disabilities.’”

“Our right to belong can never be taken away from us. A lack of belonging in one gathering does not mean we do not belong in any gathering.”

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Nesar is a disability advocate, TEDx speaker, poet and author of ‘Strength from Within.’

‘Nothing About Us Without Us’

Held under the theme ‘Nothing About Us Without Us,’ the multi-disciplinary conference attracted audience from across the world.

It was organized by DEEN Support Services, a Canadian charity founded by Muslims with disabilities to advance community inclusion by making available culturally and spiritually relevant services for concerned families and individuals.

Keynote speakers included Rabia Khedr, Omer Zaman, Fatima Ahmad, Jahirul Islam, Sheikh Imran Ally, and others.

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Global Conf. on Disability & Islam Concludes Successfully - About Islam

The conference organizers spoke about the need for acceptance of persons with disabilities and inclusion in the community.

“It is essential that Muslim leadership recognize that Muslims with disabilities are present in their communities and there is a social and spiritual obligation on them to ensure that Muslims with disabilities are fairly and equitably included in all aspects of the community. This Conference embodies the principle of, ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’,” said the CEO of DEEN Support Services, Rabia Khedr.

“The Conference is for people of all faiths, especially those who interact with Muslims with disabilities. We want to cultivate a broader cultural understanding and mutual respect concerning the inclusion of people with disabilities through strategic partnerships and collaborations with both Muslims, people of other faiths and non-faith affiliations,” added Rafia Haniff-Cleofas Conference Coordinator.

“I hope that you will gain a better understanding of the issues and challenges faced by Muslims with disabilities in the community, to take an active role in addressing these issues and ensuring full inclusion for all,” Haniff-Cleofas told the attendees.

Allah orders us to never look down, label, or ridicule others – such as people with disabilities – because “perhaps they may be better than them”. (49:11)

According to Islam, integrating disabled people into the society is crucial in regards to their emotional and mental well-being.