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George Floyd: From New York to Philadelphia, Muslims Pray for Peace

As the protests against the murder of George Floyd grow stronger and stronger, heartwarming pictures of Muslims, from New York to Philadelphia, praying together have gone viral, showing American Muslims support and solidarity.

Protestors praying in New York City
via Metro UK
Protestors praying in New York City via Metro UK

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The Black Muslim community in the United States has always been at the forefront of the fight against racism.

From Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali to Dawud Walid, American Muslims have fought for social justice and end of police brutality.

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Other forms of support were also offered by Black American Muslims.

In Brooklyn, Muslims Giving Back (MGB) gave out over 100 sandwiches, cold water bottles, and masks to protesters.

Muslim teenagers Dana Sharqawi and Sumaya Abdi brought people together at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee to remember George Floyd.

Unfortunately, Black Muslims throughout the US consistently encounter discrimination and anti-Blackness in Muslim spaces.

According to Muslim Anti-Racism Intra Muslim Study, 82% of participants reported that they have experienced racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination.