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Faiths Unite to Support New Vermont Mosque

An Islamic center’s effort to expand has received support from their neighboring synagogue, helping them raise the required funds, MyNBC5 reported.

“The mosques and the synagogues are under the same attacks. So, we’re happy to be right next to each other,” the Islamic Center of Vermont imam Islam Hassan said.

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“We’ve got each other’s back and we’re happy to have this kind of relationship.”

As a result of the growing number of the Muslim community, the Islamic Center of Vermont has been trying to expand in a new building.

The change came when they found a neighboring empty church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, went up for sale.

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The congregation closed the deal on $1.1 million. Offering their current mosque for sale, they still need extra 500,000 which they are crowdfunding now.

The Jewish congregation next door to the new site is eager to help. They have shared the links to the mosque fundraising page.

“I’m thrilled that they’ll be moving into the neighborhood and I know my community is thrilled,” said Rabbi David Edleson, of Temple Sinai.

“We’re excited at the prospect of what we can do together.”

The Islamic Center of Vermont was established in 1995, by the efforts of a handful of members within the Greater Burlington area.

Currently, there are about 4,000 Muslims living in the state of Vermont, and the mosque has about 300 active members who regularly attend the Jumu`ah prayers at the current location.

The mosque provides religious, charitable, mentoring, social, and educational opportunities for youth and adults.

It also runs interfaith programs that connect Muslims and people of other faiths in order to build mutual respect, understanding, help each other, and informed the values of religion and culture.

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