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Edmonton School Supports Muslim Students During Ramadan

In an effort to foster inclusivity and support its Muslim students during the holy month of Ramadan, a north Edmonton high school has implemented various initiatives, including the establishment of a drop-in room and a dedicated prayer space.

Ramadan, a sacred time for Muslims worldwide marked by daily fasting from sunrise to sunset, commenced on Monday, creating an opportunity for Queen Elizabeth High School to demonstrate its commitment to accommodating its predominantly Muslim student body, CBC reported.

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Among these are a drop-in room, providing a space for socializing during lunchtime, and a designated prayer room for students to observe their daily afternoon prayers within the school premises.

The school’s decision followed requests from the school’s Muslim Student Association (MSA), established earlier this year.

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“We wanted to make people feel welcome,” said Mohammad Qasqas, a grade 11 student and founder of the MSA.

“It’s all just about making the students feel welcome and enjoying their time during school.”

Edmonton School Supports Muslim Students During Ramadan - About Islam

Helping Students

Social studies teacher Abbas Hojeij, a sponsor for the MSA, said Al-Rashid Mosque donated rugs and a sign for the room.

“Between classes, [students] can come, quickly pray and go to their classes,” he said.

“With students fasting, it’s a struggle, which is the whole point of Ramadan. So we keep an eye on them,” he added.

As part of the school’s communication initiatives, Hojeij, who will be featured on the school’s YouTube channel, The Knight’s Watch, during the week, intends to provide tips on fasting safely.

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This includes advice on staying hydrated, ensuring adequate sleep, and having a well-balanced evening meal.

Furthermore, the school continues its tradition of hosting an annual iftar dinner, where students, teachers, and their families come together to break their fast at sunset. The upcoming event is scheduled for March 20 at the Italian Cultural Center.