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COVID-19: Sports-hijab Maker Produces Face Masks for Protection

Reports of shortage of face masks have left thousands of people, if not millions, wondering about their safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

In a swift reaction to this, Sarah Abood, CEO of Ottawa-based sport hijab-maker Thawrih, decided to step in to offer help.

Abood has shifted its production into making masks aimed at reducing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thawrih’s SportsMask is made of washable and breathable fabrics – the same material the startup uses to make hijabs and turbans better-suited for sports and physical activities, Ottawa Business Journal reported.

The idea came after Abood herself couldn’t find a personal-use face mask as she returned back to Ottawa from SoGal global pitch competition in Silicon Valley .

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Following conversations with friends, she realized there could be a larger demand for the face masks.

“Sales were slowing down because of COVID-19. There wasn’t that much work for them at the moment,” Abood said.

However, she confirmed that Thawrih isn’t looking to make a profit off the pandemic. She added that the masks are currently priced to cover their costs and keep the startup’s employees with steady work.

Though Thawrih’s product isn’t a direct substitute for the standard-issue masks relied on in most hospitals, a study from researchers at the University of Cambridge suggests that a homemade mask can offer better protection from viruses than no mask at all.

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected 737,532 and killed other 34,997 according to the latest estimates by WorldOMeter.

According to National Post, there are 6,320 COVID-19 cases in Canada as of 4:00 am on March 30, 2020.

Earlier this month, a Canadian Muslim charity launched an appeal to provide hygiene kits to vulnerable people in the community.