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COVID-19: Canadian Muslim Food Bank Works to Deliver Meals to Seniors

A Canadian Muslim organization is working hard to make sure that no senior citizen should go hungry and no food should go to waste in pandemic.

Helping vulnerable people in Greater Toronto Area, Muslim Welfare Centre is working to deliver fresh meals to the doorsteps of the needy families.

The Scarborough-based charity will get $45,000 from Ontario’s $5-million Surplus Food Redistribution Infrastructure Program, reported.

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The MWC will use the money to buy freezers, storage space or refrigerated trucks to preserve and collect surplus food.

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“It is grants like these which help us continue moving forward in serving those in need,” Muhammad Iqbal Ali, a director and vice-president of the charity, said in a release Friday.

Ali added it will include “our dear seniors” and others who depend on the MWC’s halal food bank.

“During these trying times of COVID-19, we have not only kept our doors wide open but have had to redouble our efforts due to significantly increased demand on our services,” added Shahid A. Khan, the center’s executive director.

History of Service

The MWC was established in 1993 with a simple mantra and mission, “Service to humanity is service to Allah.”

Since its inception, the MWC has created and run many beneficial community programs such as Meals on Wheels for seniors.

Moreover, they run a free medical clinic, Regent Park meals service, public school nutrition programs and three food banks.

Muslims are the fastest growing religious community in Canada, according to the country’s statistical agency, Statistics Canada.

Canada’s Muslim population increased by 82 percent over the past decade.  Muslims represent 3.2 percent of Canada’s total population.