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Coronavirus: US Muslims Give Free Food, Delivery to the Needy

Calamities and disasters are a test for nations that might show the best or the worst of them.

As the coronavirus crisis has upended the lives of millions, many Muslim charities and herding efforts to help those in need.

Members of the New Jersey chapter of the Islamic Council of North America (ICNA) Relief were among those who rushed to help the elderly and needy at this difficult time.

The Muslim community and volunteers prepared bags for those in need distributing them in New Jersey.

“Today staff and volunteers gave out 1,320 lbs of food and hygiene items such as toilet paper, soap, bread, cereal, and other edible items. ICNA Relief NJ made 220 bags for those in need,” New Jersey ICNA Relief said on Facebook.

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“ICNA Relief New Jersey is practicing social distancing with staff and volunteers while helping others in need in one of our low-income communities in Elizabeth, NJ.”

Chicago Muslim Youth

Members of the Islamic Center of Naperville Youth also posted a message on Facebook that they will be delivering groceries and medications to senior citizens.

“The elderly can’t go outside of the house. Why not help so many of our neighbors?” Azam Mohammed told Chicago Tribune.

The initiative started when the Islamic Center of Naperville Youth posted a message on Facebook March 16 extending free home delivery for seniors in the Naperville area who are physically unable to shop or choose to self-isolate.

Since then, similar programs popped up at Islamic centers across the Midwest, in part because of the work of the Naperville group.

ICN Youth said it received requests from Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

“I didn’t realize how much (the Facebook message) had been shared. This situation is the first of its kind,” Mohammed said.

“(People) obviously are really thankful for the service,” Mohammed said. “One lady was really thankful. She was giving all her blessings to us.”

Charity Time

The coronavirus, originated from the central Chinese city of Wuhan, has infected 332,930 and killed other 14,510, according to the World Health Organization’s latest estimates on March 23.

Many Muslim and non-Muslim charities and organizations are helping those affected by the pandemic.

In Indiana, a local Islamic center has been offering free pizza to families in need amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A Canadian Muslim charity also launched an appeal to provide hygiene kits to vulnerable people in the community.

The Muslim owners of a cornershop in Scotland gave out free kits to customers over the age of 65; and this includes face-masks, antibacterial hand gel, and cleaning wipes.