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Cornwall Proclaims October as Islamic History Month

Watching the fountain in the Justice Building courtyard turn green, Muslims gathered recently to celebrate the proclamation of October as Islamic History month in Cornwall, Ontario.

“City council had the privilege of proclaiming October as Islamic History Month here in the City of Cornwall,” Cornwall Mayor Justin Towndale said, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder reported.

Towndale added that the month is aimed to honor and celebrate the country’s large and diverse Muslim communities who have greatly contributed to the overall success of the Canadian society.

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“From science to business, academia to the arts, Muslim Canadians have helped shape the modern-day Canada that we all know today,” he said.

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A speaker at the event added it was an opportunity for the Muslim community to “cherish the moment, (that) for the first time in city’s history,” the proclamation was made.

Every October, Canadian Muslims mark Islamic Heritage Month with events to celebrate and educate about the rich Muslim heritage and contributions to society.

Back in 2007, the late Mauril Belanger, MP for Ottawa-Vanier, proclaimed Islamic Heritage Month in Canada (IHMC). The cities of Kingston, Burnaby, and the province of Manitoba also proclaimed the event.

Later on, IHMC became an independent body with a new Chair in 2013. The Board members are currently from Saskatoon, Regina, London, Ottawa, and Winnipeg.