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Colorado Muslims Visit Baptist Church to Offer Condolences

DENVER, Colorado – A group of American Muslims in Denver, Colorado paid a special visit to a Baptist church to share prayers and offer condolences after the horrific mass shooting at a Baptist church in Texas.

“We felt the need to really show the love and compassion that truly is the Muslim community,” Iman Jodeh with the Colorado Muslim Society said, according to Fox 31.

The attack, which  happened Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, a small town in Wilson County, left 26 people dead. The victims’ ages ranged from five to 72.

The suspected gunman was later found dead in his vehicle some miles away.

After the shooting, Denver’s Muslim leaders called the Baptist leaders in Denver to offer their condolences and well-wishes.

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First Baptist Church of Denver Reverend Brian Henderson said, “It is incredibly heart warming.”

On Tuesday, both groups met and shared letters, prayers and healing.

“At the end of the day, it’s not that we’re all American, it’s that we’re all human, and if you are a human then you will bleed the same, you will mourn the same, and we are mourning together as a nation and we will for quite some time,” Jodeh said.