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Coalition of Muslim Women Host Events to Mark Islamic Heritage Month

As Canada celebrates Islamic Heritage Month, the Coalition of Muslim Women have organized several events throughout October to celebrate the annual occasion.

“Islamic heritage month is when we can be unapologetically Muslim and unapologetically Canadian,” said Mifrah Abid, who is with the coalition and is also the coordinator of Together Against Islamophobia, CBC reported.

“Most people think of these as two separate identities, but I say they are not mutually exclusive. So it’s a great time to be who you are.”

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Partnering with the Kitchener Public Library (KPL) and the Waterloo Public Library (WPL), the coalition would host several virtual and in-person events that include guest speakers, lunch-and-learns and family story time, which celebrates Muslim stories and characters. 

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“Representation matters in everything,” Abid said.

“Young children need to see themselves in the crafts they do and in the culture they abide, and it’s not just for Muslim children. It’s important for their peers also see them and understand them. That they are part of their celebrations.”


Canada annually celebrates Islamic History Month in the whole month of October, and the focus this year is on sharing and healing from anti-indigenous racism and Islamophobia.

The annual Islamic History Month provides a time to focus on celebrating and educating the Muslim and non-Muslim community on the rich history, heritage and culture of Canadian Muslims and Muslims around the world.

Abid said she hopes the events will help bring the community closer.

“During Islamic Heritage Month, I hope people will take the time to get to know their Muslim neighbors, to know who we are,” she said.

“There’s not much difference. We’re the same people underneath. I hope that will be the take away from Islamic History Month for most people.”