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Celebrating Islam in Catholic Mexico

Islam in Mexico is reportedly growing from, and for decades, Muslims have been forging their own identity in predominantly Catholic Mexico.

This BBC video showcases how Muslims, Catholics, and evangelicals are living side by side.

According to the Pew Research Center, there were 111,000 Muslims in Mexico in 2010. Islam is mainly practiced by Mexicans of Middle Eastern descent. Yet, there’s also a growing population of Muslims among Amerindian Mexicans.

Some of the largest Islamic missionary groups in Mexico are ‘Centro Cultural Islámico de México’ (CCIM) and the ‘Spanish Murabitun community’ which focused its efforts on Jovel city and the local Amerindian Mexicans.

Islamic culture got in the first contact with Mexico during the Spanish colonialism of the Americas when Spaniards erected buildings that expressed forms of influence by the Islamic Mudejar architectural style.

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