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Canadian Muslims Pack Winter Kits for Needy

Winter happens to be a difficult time for the homeless and rough sleepers. With increasing energy bills and living costs, winter months have become a challenge to many families to make ends meet.

To help families survive winter, volunteers from Islamic Relief Canada came together on Sunday to assemble winter care kits for the people in need, CBC reported.

Their effort was part of national Winter Warmth campaign launched by the Islamic Charity.

Canadian Muslims Pack Winter Kits for Needy - About Islam

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“It is a good way to give back to the community because Halifax did welcome me with open arms when I first arrived here eight years ago,” volunteer Arsalan Salamat said.

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Salamat added that he wanted to take part in the project to “help others who might be in need.”

This is the sixth year for the charity’s national Winter Warmth campaign. The team in Halifax put together 155 kits on Sunday for distribution, according to a news release.

Canadian Muslims Pack Winter Kits for Needy - About Islam

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Kits include winter essentials, such as gloves, socks and blankets. It also include personal care needs like sanitary pads and deodorant.

Aisha Gattous, Islamic Relief Canada’s regional coordinator, said the organization works to alleviate poverty across the world based on Islamic values.

 Muslims usually lead similar efforts to help the homeless during winter.

“The Messenger of Allah(pbuh) said: “Any Muslim who clothes a fellow Muslim with a garment will be covered by the protection of Allah as long as a shred from it (that clothe) remains on him.” Al-TirmidhÏ in al-Sunan, Ch.: (41), 4:651 Hadith #2484.