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Canadian Muslims Give Good Samaritan Best Xmas Ever

VANCOUVER – Canadian Muslims have crowdfunded for a gift for Jake Taylor, an ordinary Canadian who intervened during the violent Islamophobic assault of a young Muslim woman, giving him the best Christmas gift ever.

Filmmaker Muhammad Lila crowdfunded a campaign to give Taylor a surprise Christmas gift, because “it’s a Canadian thing to do to say thank you,” Global News reported.

“If you were next to Jake in person when this happened… you’d say, ‘Hey man, good job,’ [and] you give him a pat on the back,” he said.

“Another person might say, ‘Hey, you know what, you did a great thing — I’m going to buy you lunch.’ The amazing thing about the internet and social media is that it’s not just one person offering to buy him lunch — you’re talking with thousands of people around the world.”

As part of the campaign, Taylor was presented with a handmade book full of letters of thanks from around the world.

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When Fadel, 18, boarded the train at Waterfront Station on Monday, December 6th, a man began to verbally assault her, yelling and screaming a litany of profanities. He allegedly said he would “kill all Muslims.”

The man even hit Fadel, attempted to remove her hijab, and tried to sexually assault her.

No one intervened except Jake, who stepped in and asked the man to leave the train.

Fadel was deeply grateful for Taylor’s help, and she wasn’t alone.

On Saturday night, both Fadel and Taylor were given tickets to the Vancouver Canucks game against the St. Louis Blues.

During a break in play, the pair were shown on the scoreboard at Rogers Arena.

“We are pleased to welcome a true community hero,” the public address announcer said told the crowd, who gave Fadel and Taylor a huge ovation.

” I wanted that for him,” Fadel said. “I wanted him to get that ovation. He’s amazing.”

#ThankYouJake Hashtag Trending for Vancouverite Who Saved Muslim Woman